Why Our Microgreens?

40% higher nutritional value

Simply put, microgreens are baby plants that contain all of the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to grow into adult plants. Cutting them this small and eating them fresh captures these powerful benefits for your body and brain! In fact, research has shown that many varieties of microgreens contain up to 40 times higher levels of nutrients than the fully grown plant. 

unmatched purity

Plants can be composed of 80-90% water, making the quality of water they drink more important than the soil. We only use 7-stage reverse osmosis water to grow the purest plants possible. And of course, only the finest organic seeds, soil and growing mediums available. 

a little goes a long way

Because microgreens provide highly concentrated nutrition, even a small sprinkle provides great health benefits (although we recommend using generously). Add handfuls (or a pinch) of raw microgreens as a topping to your omelette, salad, soup, sandwich, wrap or panini. Add a colorful pile on top of your entrees. Mix into warm pasta or your kid's mac n' cheese. Pour a generous handful into your smoothies. The options are endless!

great for kids and picky eaters

Microgreens are a great alternative for kids and picky eaters who avoid vegetables. Because they are so small, they often go unnoticed when mixed into pasta with sauce, mac n' cheese, pestos, dips and smoothies.