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Vertical Farms

Grow Indoors Year-Round

The way we grow and consumer food is changing. Sustainable methods are being adopted across the globe that will ensure people are fed into the future. At Eden Glory Farms, we want to make sure our community is not left behind by providing custom vertical farms and helping people grow leafy greens, herbs and specialty produce, year round.

A custom vertical farm is a partnership in which we listen to your needs, the types of foods you enjoy and want to grow, and assess your space. After the initial consultation, we provide design and cost options for you to consider. Once you select your farm, we build and install the system and provide regular maintenance and replacement plants for you.

Your indoor vertical farm will be fully automated with a reverse osmosis watering system and lighting to keep plants flourishing until eaten!

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If you are interested in learning more about our custom vertical farms for your home, restaurant or business, please contact us.